I have eighteen years of experience in website design using HTML, CSS, XHTML, and DHTML. My goal is to push the boundaries of design and technology to create innovative solutions.


I have experience building brands. I understand that a brand is an integral element of any company’s marketing strategy; it promotes recognition and familiarity with the customer; it is based on a unique identity made from logo, style and messaging; it is about storytelling and making an emotional connection.

Graphic Design

Graphic design includes: creating brand identity (logos and branding), print (magazines, newspapers, book covers, advertisements, posters, billboards, and packaging), and web design (website, newsletters, email blasts, side banners, etc.) I have extensive experience in each of these areas.


I have experience designing icons that are unique and build a brand. I understand that icons are a simple, effective way to enhance the effectiveness of the messaging. When initially viewing a website, most users will first scan the page for visually interesting content, and only after something grabs their attention will they actually begin reading.

Logo Design

I have experience creating logos and corporate identities that convey a clients’ purposes and messages while standing apart from the competition. I understand that a logo is the image embodying an organization and that it plays an important role in brand differentiation; it requires a clear idea about the concept and values of the brand as well as understanding of the consumer or target group.

Web Design

I have extensive experience in responsive design. I have the ability to redesign an existing site into responsive. I am experienced at customizing templates and creating social media banners.


I have extensive experience in print collateral such as high-impact business cards, sales brochures and print advertising.


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